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Especially with children and adolescents, early promotion is an important component, so that behavioral problems are treated directly.

Developmental delay

Weakness in reading and spelling



Attention deficit syndrome


Anxiety and adjustment disorders

Auditory perception disorder

Visual perception disorder

Room and location disorder

Disorder in coarse and fine motor skills



In the kindergarten not to get along

  • Not able to play with other children
  • Do not like to tinker or paint
  • to be impatient
  • Do not participate in the circle of chairs
  • When doing gymnastics (eg not standing on one leg)

Can not learn to read

Do not understand quantities

Can not learn to count

To feel excluded

  • Pain while writing

Can not handle the scissors

Can not tinker

Can not imagine

Cannot find friends

Do not come along at school

Write bad grades

Be under pressure and become aggressive

Become behavioral 

Can not hold the pen properly

Gross motor skills

When doing sports you can not stand on one leg

Low body tone

Tasks can not be done in a row

We are co-operation partners of Meditech. In addition, we have carried out a comprehensive training on the subject of dyscalculia in order to best promote you or your child in this disease.

Reading and writing training

Concentration training

Math Training

Warnke method

Order threshold training


Lateral training

Independent development of texts and worksheets

Structural learning behavior

Fine motor skills for kindergarten and school

  • Experience
  • Learn to paint
  • Learning to hold a pen
  • Get the pen under control
  • Special training after Hauke Stehn
  • Special training to enable maximum schooling before school starts (Schere & Co)


Motor skills training
In motor skills training special exercises are performed in the gym to superimpose or inhibit persisting, infantile reflexes.

Other services we offer.


Of course, the current crisis situation does not stop at us. However, it is good that there is Internet. With the so-called videotherapy we would like to save you and/or your children from having to miss as few sessions as possible.

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MediBalance Pro

For a long time we have been a cooperation partner with Meditech. From now on we offer the balance training "MediBalance Pro", to help you as much as possible with balance problems.

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Concentration weaknesses not only limit our daily lives, but also many other areas of life.
Without concentration problems, it is easier to get through life!

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